Now I actually may have a place to live down in SoCal

My new home.

Well that was adventurous.

I was in LA last week and it was my time to search for a new place to live. I had come across this listing on Craigslist that featured a house up in a hill in Monterey Park. It was owned by this old man (around 70) that wanted to rent out a room. For $350 if I help out with chores, I decided to take it. With my own room and bathroom, it was a deal!

He even told me that if my background check went through, I would get it. So I said OK and went back to the Bay Area. It wasn’t until the day after that his paranoia kicked in and he was afraid that I wouldn’t have any money. Then a few days later it got to the point where he just didn’t want me to live there.

He was afraid I wouldn’t have the money for rent and he never actually told me his desire for me to live there for two years. I only found out this stuff through his son a week after I met the guy.

But fortunately I had checked out a place earlier that week that featured a somewhat similar situation. For $400 I still get my own room, but I share a bathroom. But everything like Internet, kitchen, laundry was included. And thank God that the room was still available a week later. I just called up today and am in the works of getting that place to live.

I begin my job in less than a week and I actually now have a place I can call home.

There’s more complicated details to this but I don’t feel like blogging all of it. If you really wanna know, ask. But right now, that dot on the map is my potential new home.


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