My first day on the job went pretty well

Today was my first day on the job. Since I couldn’t move into my new place to live until May 1, I actually stayed in a motel for two nights. And since my work shift started at 4:30AM, I had to move in AFTER work.

Work was fine. I got in early, got set up and started updating the ticker. It was pretty cool to see what I wrote appear on the TV. Nothing too difficult. Just a lot of making sure I got all the info right and make sure I was up to date. It’s your typical 8-hour day so nothing too fancy.

My parents were here also during the weekend so I was able to have a lunch with them before I moved to my new place.

As you can see by the video, my new place is not so bad. For $400, I can’t complain. Comes with all the furniture and for the most part, I am OK. We have to share the kitchen and bathroom but I have a room all to myself. I can handle that. Just sucks that I am by myself. But that’s part of the new life for me now.


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