My awesome night at Rachel Platten’s 53 Steps tour!

Rachel Platten and me after the show. She’s pretty awesome!

Rachel Platten has become one of my favorite artists and I got a chance to check her out Saturday during her 53 Steps tour. I must say, this might have been the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert.

As some of you know, I normally don’t listen to this kind of music (it’s mostly classic rock and gangsta rap for me). But I discovered her because she sings the theme song to one of my new favorite shows: Jane By Design.

Since then, I looked her up and listened to her album Be Here. And since then, I’ve just really dug her style and wanted to see her perform live. And since I found out that she does Snoop Dogg covers, I knew that I had to see her live.

This was the first time she was headlining her own tour and I actually had the opportunity to volunteer and help sell merchandise. Sounded like a good opportunity to help out one of my new favorite artists.


I arrived a little early to meet up with Clarissa, who I was helping with merchandise sales. Clarissa was super nice and fun to hang out with during the entire time as I helped count shirts and CDs and keep track of everything. She even offered me a pretty delicious tuna sandwich too!

Drummer Craig Meyer also stopped by to say hi. He’s very cool also.

Basically my job throughout the evening was to help organize all the merchandise. But during the down time, I got a chance to check out Madi Diaz for the first time also and she did a cover of the Bee Gees’ “Emotion” and it was fantastic! And during the other down time, I got to watch Rachel and Craig perform their songs too! (One of the songs they did is in the video above.)

Rachel performed her top hits along with some new songs that she had been working on. And she even covered Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.” How gangster is that?

Overall, the show was just so fun. And what was even cooler was that she took time to meet and greet with fans after the show, taking pictures and signing CDs.

She even took the time to talk with me and sign some merchandise I had too. She’s so down to earth and genuine and wrote “thank you” on my CD and journal.

I don’t normally get a chance to get up close with music artists I follow but the experience I had with Rachel was something special. I was already a fan of her music but the fact that she was so nice with all her fans just made her just even cooler. I’m a fan of hers for life.

Next time she returns to do a show (whether it’s LA or the Bay Area, where ever I may be) I gotta go see her again. It’s just a fun time with pretty awesome artist and even cooler person. Thanks Rachel!



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