A very nice goodbye to Desperate Housewives

Great characters to a great show.

Last June I was planning to watch some How I Met Your Mother reruns on Lifetime at noon. When I turned on the TV, the station apparently switched up their schedule. Instead of HIMYM, they aired the pilot episode of Desperate Housewives.

And since I didn’t have anything to do at the time, I decided to watch the episode not knowing one single thing about the show. The story hooked me to the point where I watched the next episode the following day.

Then it got to the point where I started to stream the episodes online and eventually watch the rest of it on Netflix. So from June to September, I watched every single episode up to the end of Season 7

Today they just aired their final episode (Season 8) and it was done nicely. I can’t believe that I actually watched this show and actually enjoyed it. But it was a nice escape from reality watching this and it was fun. I don’t normally watch shows like this and I don’t think I will find anything like it ever again.


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