My first trip ever to Angel Stadium to see my A’s play

Representing my team!

Tuesday was an off day for me so I knew that it would be a time for me to do something I never did before. And being that the A’s were in town to play the Angels, I decided to go see them. I had never been to Angel Stadium before, so this was a first for me.


It was a nice looking park, but it reminded me too much of Banner Island Park in Stockton. It’s just really small and had a minor league feel. Maybe it’s because half the stadium was empty with weird Angels fans.

I bumped into one on accident and she said sorry. When she realized that I was an A’s fan, she said “Forget it. You’re an A’s fan!”

They had some weird food too (as you can see in the photo) and the stadium didn’t really produce much excitement. In fact, it was kind of boring.

The place had a good amount of history to it but the atmosphere didn’t really provide too much excitement. There were mild cheers throughout the game but it was still nice to see a good handful of A’s fans out there.

Maybe the Orange County area just doesn’t care about baseball. Maybe that’s why the place was not so packed. Or maybe it was the weird 4:05PM start time.

Anyway, it was an experience I am glad I had and it sucked that the A’s lost. And I know I’ll be back in September to see my A’s again!


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