The annoyance of the Facebook

Which one am I? (Click to enlarge)

This photo is from here. Now let me critique each and every one of them (which I have seen on Facebook).

  1. Mirror pics: Got no friends to take a picture of you? Need to take a photo in the bathroom while holding your camera phone? C’mon!
  2. Happy birthday: Sometimes I just don’t even try.
  3. What happened?: The person just broke up and they don’t need you bombarding them with questions.
  4. Humblebrag: Yeah, I’ve seen it.
  5. Movie quotes: I just saw this yesterday. It’s actually the least offensive one listed.
  6. Check-ins: Hey everyone! I’m not home and so are my friends. So come break into our houses!
  7. Political rants: Nobody cares!
  8. Baby info: It does seem that once a person has a baby, their profile picture is now that baby and all I hear is about the baby. I understand why, but still, that’s a lot of baby. (But I usually let it slide since babies are cute.)
  9. Religious rants: On the same with political rants. Don’t flood my feed with it.
  10. Case of the Mondays: Unemployed people hate you.
  11. Likes everything: Get off the computer!
  12. Lyrics obsessed: I may have done this in the past, but the songs I choose are good. Good songs only please.
  13. Optimistic: At least they’re not Debbie Downers.
  14. NSFW: Most of my friends keep it clean except for music vids.
  15. Workout freak: The worst. I don’t care that you’re working out. Nobody does.
  16. Ambiguous update: Just stop it!
  17. Severely depressing: These people are the worst. Stop telling me how bad your life is.
  18. Everything you eat: I blame Instagram.

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