Watching “The River” despite knowing it has been canceled


As some of you know, I like watching new shows on TV. But there are times where I feel like I’ve been disappointed. And this is another story of it.

Since I have no cable, I decided to try Hulu Plus with their free one-week trial. Their selection of shows is not that good so I will cancel it. But one show I decided to try was “The River”. I never watched any of the episodes until a couple days ago.

I would soon find out that show has already been canceled. As now I am halfway through the episodes, I can tell why it was canceled. It’s a good show but it doesn’t have appeal. It seems like a dragged out movie. Maybe that’s how Steve Spielberg is used to with his work but it just doesn’t translate well to television.

Magic, mystery and all that stuff is pretty unique. I am interested in this show and it’s good to kill some time. But it’s a storyline that doesn’t work for TV. I don’t know how how this show is going to end since it was canceled but I hope I don’t feel empty again.


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