My last hurrah with my free Hulu Plus trial

Watched entire series in one day.

So as you know from my last entry, I have this one week free trial of Hulu Plus. It expires tomorrow and I would start getting charged. So with me being afraid that they are running on East Coast time (even though Hulu is based in LA), I wanted to make sure I watched all I wanted to before 9PM PT.

There aren’t a lot of great options for Hulu, which made it easy for me to decide to not keep the account post-trial. But I did notice that there were a lot of anime and I stumbled upon this anime not even knowing that it was only 12 episodes.

The show, Highschool of the Dead, is about a group of high schoolers that are trying to escape a zombie pandemic. But as they are trying to escape, they encounter some tough situations. It reminded me of Resident Evil and I like that. And since it was only 12 episodes, I finished it all today before 9PM PT.

The show had great graphics but it was very perverted with a lot of suggestive boobs and panties and stuff. The show could have done without it. But aside from that, great storyline and since it was so short, it ended nicely. Made me wonder and hope for a sequel even though I know there isn’t. I wonder how similar it is t the manga.

But yay to getting a new favorite show. It was like a movie and I enjoyed it.


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