Celebrating with ZigTech, Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’, George Harrison’s demos and two classic sports movies

Got these, went out for a quick run and it was the best feeling on my feet. Oh so good!

It’s my birthday. Meh. I never cared for birthdays. Since it’s in the summer, all my friends were never around. So I really just consider it another day on the calendar. I have never thrown a party for myself ever. My parents did that for me until I was 10. Since then, I just don’t care.

But since I am now living in LA, I find myself trying to occupy my mind with things. And one of the things I love to do is finding great deals. And on Saturday, I got all my “birthday” gifts that I bought for myself.

I ordered some Reebok ZigTech shoes earlier in the week and it came in. I have always wanted these since they came out a couple years ago but never could afford them. I wore them once at a store and they are so comfortable. Retail value of these bad boys are $100 but with my eye for the discount, got them for $35 with free S&H.

Put them on and went for a nice walk/run/jog whatever you call it. My feet felt great. It was a great little boost of energy drink for my feet. It was exactly what I wanted.

Gotta keep me entertained!

Went down to the Best Buy that’s about a mile away. Went in with the intent of getting Chris Brown’s new album “Fortune”. Been a huge fan of his since day one and despite some of his mistakes, I still enjoy his music.

I bought the regular edition for $7.99 and also saw the George Harrison demo CD that came with his HBO movie on sale for $9.99. I decided to get that too. Best Buy also had a bin on classic movies for $4.99 each. Found Bull Durham and Space Jam. Grabbed that.

So there, my own personal birthday gifts for me even though I really don’t celebrate. Just an excuse but I would have bought all of these any day of the week. Hooray good deals!



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