Why does my bathroom smell so bad? Because of the Chinese culture clash

No TOILET paper in the TOILET? We should call it trash paper.

Yeah, you saw that sign right. That’s what the landlady has put up above the toilet in the bathroom of the house. I scratched my head about it but instead of asking her about it, I went to Google to find out about it.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard about people not flushing their toilet paper. An old roommate of mine used to do that in his household. I laughed at him when he thought about doing it at Da Crib (my old place in college) and told him that he better flush.

Through Google, I found out that it’s cultural. Mexicans do it and Chinese people do it. But it didn’t make sense? Why? Apparently in those countries, the toilets are not as strong and therefore toilet paper could clog it all up. So to avoid that, they throw their toilet paper into the trash.

Yeah, no. The thing about toilet paper is that they are made to be flushed. No matter what, toilet paper cannot clog a toilet. A bad diet can, but not toilet paper. And we’re in America where toilets are strong.

Obviously I am not following this rule but I entered the bathroom one day and it stank so bad. It was foul.

So this bring up my curiosity about the Chinese culture clash. Obviously in China, this is the norm. But why hold on to a norm that doesn’t make sense in America? And plus, it’s not very sanitary.

It reminds me of my dad when he would yell at me for lying on top of the blanket/bed cover while watching TV. He would get so mad at me for getting on it. He would say that we should only be under a blanket, never lying on it.

I asked him to explain but he never did. It’s like by lying on top of it, it would devalue its worth or something. But the blanket’s purpose is to make me comfortable.

When my dad lies on the bed to watch TV, he pushes the bed cover out of the way so he doesn’t have to sit or lie on it. I am confused.

Now I know I shouldn’t be critical of immigrants and so forth and I don’t want to be the kind of person that tells them that they MUST learn English and adapt. But sometimes I wonder why they don’t make these adaptations? Especially with things that don’t apply anymore.

I am not following the toilet paper rule and so far, I have not clogged the toilet once. I am not putting my toilet paper in the trash. That’s just not right.

I am not against FOBs. I just don’t like the overFOBbing in a non-FOBbable situation like this.


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