Another trip to Back to the Future film spots: Part II

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Today was Part II of my adventure to Back to the Future spots. This was a little more difficult because I was going to more locations (although most of them were relatively close to each other).

The first stop was the Gamble House (Doc’s 1955 home) and the “door” of his house and interior. The Gamble House is in Pasadena and its a public place. Very nice.

The rest of the trips then became difficult because all of them would be actual houses where people live, so I couldn’t just stand in front and take pictures of it. I went to Doc’s door of his place in Pasadena before then heading to South Pasadena for Biff, George and Lorraine’s house.

They all were located on the same street, which made it easy. As you can see by the slideshow, they look pretty much the same. Really cool but it was hard to not look suspicious walking by and taking pictures. But it was pretty surreal to see the houses in the movie.

My last two stops were at Jennifer’s house which was a little ways out east. But that porch bench thing looks exactly the same. That’s pretty cool.

The last stop was Hilldale (2015) which actually was in El Monte, where my dad’s friend lives. It’s a gated community so I had to wait until the gates opened and sneak in. I walked in and found a perfect spot to take the picture. Really cool to see how similar it still looks to the movie.

And that’s my second day. Part III should be Thursday as I visit Doc’s 1985 house, Marty’s house and maybe the school dance.


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