Being a Back to the Future geek and visiting the film locations

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While watching Back to the Future on Sunday (for like the billionth time), I started to wonder about the places the movie was filmed. After some Googling and so forth, I discovered that Twin Pines Mall and Hill Valley High were only 20 minute drives from my house. I decided Monday to go see.

The first stop was the high school. It’s a real school (Whittier Union High School) and it looks the same as the movie. There were no security as they were doing summer school and I was able to just walk onto campus and see all the different places where the movie was filmed. The outside of the gym and all that was neat. Heck, I even got a chance to walk the hallways.

But getting in front of it and seeing it in person was amazing. I asked a student to help take a picture for me. She was cool. Her friend didn’t know that BTTF was filmed at her own school. Stupid kid.

Afterward, I then drove to Puerte Hills Mall. The mall itself was OK. They did have a Krispy Kreme there but I resisted. Anyway, I got lost trying to locate which part of the mall was where the movie was filmed. But thanks to Google images, I was able to locate it. It’s not a spot where you can set up a camera and take a picture. But I was able to get a couple shots in from the top of the hill.

Then I actually parked in the lot and used my spoiler of my car (along with my emergency shoe box) to use as a tripod. And right there, I got my picture in. I even bought a Ken Griffey Jr. shirt at the Footaction inside.

Anyway, I was able to get two very important movie places off my list. I don’t know if I want to do much more even though I don’t have work until Friday. The houses of Lorraine, Biff and George are all in South Pasadena, which is really close to where I am. Do I go there and check it out?

We’ll see what lies in my future.


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