My final Back to the Future adventure where we don’t need any roads: Part III

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This is the third and last adventure out to the Back to the Future spots as I have to return back to work this week and start prepping for the new morning show. But with this final day, I was able to wrap up most of what I could do.

Before I headed out towards Burbank, I checked out Hollywood Methodist Church as it was the location they used to shoot the Fish Under the Sea Dance/Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. I called and they said they get around 50 calls about the movie weekly. Unfortunately, they were renting out space so I couldn’t see it. Only chance would be to do their monthly tour. I might try that one day.

But to the places that I did get a chance to see.

My first stop was in Arleta to see the entrance to the Lyon Estates and the McFly house in 1985. The house looks exactly the same and it was super cool to walk by it. Too bad it was a real house that was being occupied or else I would have actually would rummage through it.

My next stop was to Burbank where they filmed Marty’s band (The Pinheads) at their audition. It’s an open rec center and I just walked in and took a couple shots. There were two guys playing ball so I didn’t walk to the stage or anything.

A little drive over had me over at the Burger King near Doc’s garage. Nice spot. Even bought something there since I used their parking lot to park my car. No truck to grab on to though.

The last stop was the Greek Theatre and it was up a hill where they filmed the tunnel fight between Biff and Marty. They only filmed one side of it and I had to double check to make sure I had the right side. I parked my car on the side and took a few shots. Then I went down the hill and found the exact spot where Marty was at the start line for his return back to 1985.

Overall, it was a great experience seeing all these spots and I know that I would love to do it again (with someone) if the time allows. But seeing about 75% of the major film locations satisfies the geek in me.


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