Ten Years Ago: Signs

Whoa, has it been 10 years? I barely remember much from this movie but I did enjoy it. Aliens are always fun.

10 Years Ago: Films in Retrospective

In this week’s re-view, Stevi Costa addresses her shifts in faith, reassesses M. Night Shyamalan’s insistence on casting himself in his films, and scolds the film for a particular thematic inconsistency.


I want to believe in a lot of things: in extraterrestrial life, in the paranormal, in magic. I want to believe in all of those things because Fox Mulder believes in those things, in the search for unattainable truths. I, too, want to adorn my basement office with a poster of a UFO bearing that phrase: “I want to believe.”

But a thing I gave up on believing in around the same time that I fell in love with David Duchovny was organized religion. At the time, I don’t think I recognized the potential contradiction in my willingness to believe in the existence of aliens, but not in the existence of god. I remember a religious retreat we…

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