Udderly Homooerotic and some Chick-fil-A talk

Honest thoughts on this Chick-fil-A thing. (BTW, the above picture cracks me up.)

Here’s the thing. I haven’t paid much attention to this because quite frankly, I don’t care. Just because one dude who happens to be associated with a major company says one thing, doesn’t mean that the entire company believes it.

Remember, Chick-fil-A is a Christian organization and Christians are about love. Granted homosexuality is something Christians aren’t in support of, but not loving them isn’t part of the deal. We love people regardless of how different they are from us.

Now the problem has gotten to a point where people are associating the place with homo-phobia or something like that. But that’s not true. But because this one dude made a mistake, it’s a PR nightmare.

So here is what I really think needs to be done. First of all, everyone needs to chill. Second of all, their chicken sandwiches are delicious so don’t let this whole mess scare you off from delicious. Third, this is all the corruption our media and our mindless minds have created.

There is no solution no matter what was to be said. Some people won’t like gay marriage and some people won’t like the idea of tolerating it. Then there are people who want to find every politically correct way of approaching life. But that’s never going to work. You can’t PC everything. Instead, the only way to do it is to continue to live and love.

We’re reaching for straws trying to find a bad guy in this whole story. There isn’t a bad guy. If you really want to find a bad guy, it’s everyone else. All the people making a big deal out of it. They’re the ones adding fuel to a small candle. They’re the ones continuing to go into this story and making it worse than ever before. This isn’t love and support, this is their attempt to hurt and bring down somebody.

So to all of you trying to make it seem like Chick-fil-A is super evil, you’re doing the exact opposite of what you’ve been calling for. Let’s be able to love each other and one another. Why can’t we do that?

I’m going to Chick-fil-A (maybe sometime soon) not because I support whatever cause I’m supposed to support, but because I’m hungry. I don’t care about this nonsense.



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4 responses to “Udderly Homooerotic and some Chick-fil-A talk

  1. tyberius

    “I haven’t paid much attention to this because quite frankly, I don’t care.”
    So don’t blog about it until you started caring enough to do some research.
    The founder having an opinion is not the problem. The founder is using corporate funds to support anti-gay organizations. So, when you pay for your chicken at CFA, part of your payment goes to lobbying and campaigning against marriage equality and anti-discrimination legislation, essentially against one of the basic principles laid down by the US constitution (equal rights). That’s why this goes way beyond political opinions, it’s a civil rights issue, not unlike the interracial marriage debate 60 years ago. So yes, there is a solution, and I’m guessing people 60 years from now will look back at the gay marriage ban as we do on the interracial marriage ban and never ever will think that campaigning against abolishing it was any kind of a sensible idea.

    • I blog about it because this news is everywhere now, so even though it’s not something I am intently paying attention to, it’s still affecting me in a way because it’s constantly in my face.

      I actually haven’t been to a CFA in two years and if I want to eat chicken and CFA is nearby, I’m going to eat there. This issue likely won’t cross my mind because I just want to eat. I don’t know if you view that as ignorance, I view it as hunger. I can’t worry about all the bad things at every place I spend money on. That’s just not who I am.

  2. If you just wanted to ignore the issue and have a sandwich, that would be one thing, except that the whole point of your post was to dismiss the issue as being ‘no big deal’ and an excess of political correctness… Would you take the same position if the corporate representative had suggested that Jews or Blacks ought not to be welcomed as customers…. You are wrong, my friend. There *is* a bad guy here in this little story.

    • There is not just one bad guy, like I said. The people that are calling for the guy’s head for his comment, the ones flooding out messages of dislike and disapproval.

      The founder made a comment that didn’t fly with people. I get that. But the reaction to it to me, a lot of it was fueled by hate of the man’s comments. My point is that even though the founder did something wrong, the people are reacting with hate, which is also wrong.

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