Why Do We Care So Much About a Chicken Sandwich

Dear friend of mine blogged this entry. I think the main thing that we want to get out of this is to love people. And so even though some actions from here and there aren’t under the umbrella of love, our reactions to it can’t be along the same line. I don’t know what the right political, legal ways to handle this. I only know how to love.

break boundaries

From the moment I chose to become a Christian in junior high until now, the constant battle between Christians and gays has caused me much grief. To this day, I hate that the church makes the LGBT community feel unloved, unwanted and lesser-than-them. The Jesus I fell in love with in 1999 is not the Jesus that the American church acts like they worship.

The Jesus I fell in love with hung out with people that society deemed lesser-than-them. He wined and dined with those who didn’t have the same rights as everybody else. If anything, he put religious people on blast, the ones who pretended to live perfect lives, who boasted of their spiritual resumes and expected others to live to their standards. Jesus really put them in their place.

So, as a person whose profession is rooted in empowering those who are vulnerable and oppressed (I literally took…

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