The most painful and best memory bobblehead I’ve gotten

I am an A’s fan and you all know that. But I am also a fan of baseball history, so when this bobblehead was released, I knew I had to get it. Even though Gibson’s homer was against the A’s, the actual homer itself was a moment that was a major staple in baseball history. That moment helped me become a baseball fan.

So even though it hurts me to look at this and remember what it meant to the A’s, it’s good baseball history. All I had to do is go to Bellflower via Craig’s List and meet a stranger in a dark lit neighborhood. But he was cool and is a bobblehead guy too and has lots of Dodgers ones. These Dodgers bobbles out this year are pretty cool. Already gonna get this year’s Fernando and Scully. Oh baby!

I like this bobble. Good and bad memories at the same time. Baseball is love.


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