Tentative weekend schedule for my return to the Bay Area

I’m back!

I will be returning to the Bay Area this weekend because I miss home. But it won’t be a long stay and I will try to get as much done in that time. I’ll be in the East Bay the entire time and I wish I could see everyone. But since I know that won’t happen, I’ll just do the best I can.

If anyone wants to come by say hi, I’ll be around various places. Here’s my itinerary of my weekend.


6:45PM Oakland Airport

7:30PM Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe (either Oakland or Emeryville)


12PM Bakesale Betty’s (Oakland)

2PM Possibly some place in Berkeley

4PM Oakland Coliseum

10PM La Penca Azul (Alameda)


11AM Oakland Coliseum

5PM T-Rex BBQ (Berkeley)


9AM Oakland Airport

Yeah, I’m bossin’

Come by say hi if you’re around!


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