How I lost a Twitter contest because I don’t know my neighborhood

The Dodgers are running a contest where I can get a chance to meet one of my heroes: Fernando Valenzuela. They’ll tweet a photo at 10AM of his bobblehead at a location. Go to that location, take a picture with the bobblehead, tweet it and be eligible to meet him.

I saw the tweet, but since I moved to Los Angeles only several months ago, I don’t know where any of it is. The next 10 minutes I tried to Google an address for the place but since it’s a landmark, there really isn’t an address.

I finally found out that I live 10 minutes from it. And because I am really dumb, I drove there, took a wrong turn and by the time I showed up, I was three minutes late. And since it’s a high traffic area, it was even tougher.

Man, had I known my neighborhood better…

EDIT: Looks like ESPN picked up my very sad story.


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