Recapping my weekend back in the Bay Area

Yeah, we fresh!

I love the Bay. It’s my home. It’s my upbringing. It’s what I am about. So this past weekend I was lucky enough to have some time off work and fly up back home. I had the entire trip planned surrounded by food and baseball.

Here’s a recap of all the fun that I had, including how I was able to meet up with a lot of really important peoples in my life.

FRIDAY: The journey to LAX was time consuming. I wasn’t going to drive to the airport and park my car there for three days. So instead, I decided to take public transportation. I had to walk up and down a hill for about a mile to get to the bus stop. I took the bus ($1.50) to the Union Station in downtown. There, I took the FlyAway bus directly to the airport ($7).

During the ride to the airport, I got a chance to really relax on the bus. It was like one of those vacation tour buses and it was comfortable. I even got a chance to read this very awesome article about Rick Ross in Rolling Stone magazine.

This was my first time at this airport but it wasn’t too confusing to get around. I just chilled at my gate, charged my phone and just waited while reading my Superman book. On the flight, I read an entire chapter in that hour. So sad what happened to George Reeve.


I touched down just in time for dinner as my two good friends from elementary school, Chris and Langston, picked me up and we went to Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe in Oakland. Not a super high end place, but a simple place that has food to my liking. Buddy Christian also stopped by. We ate, took pictures and just talked. Good times eating at my favorite spot. I ordered the open face turkey sandwich. It was Thanksgiving in August!

I got home to my parents, relaxed, took it easy and prepared myself for another day of fun Saturday.

This would end up being the best weekend ever!

SATURDAY: If you’ve never been to Bakesale Betty in Oakland, then you’re missing out. Not only is it the best chicken sandwich ever, but the line is always long. Fortunately on a Saturday it wasn’t as busy. But the ironing board tables filled up quickly so it was almost a little long wait.

I love the chicken sandwich so much, I was even willing to take a picture with a Giants fan.

I met up with good high school buddy Kenny for lunch there. I introduced him to the place a while back and it appears that he’s a bigger fan of the place than I am. But hey, it’s all gravy!

Afterward, I had to try a place that I had never been before but only heard about. It already was a winner in my book beforehand because the place is an ice cream/cookie place called Cookies Rule Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.). And anytime you have a Wu-Tang Clan reference, it’s a winner in my book.

This place was buzzing and the popular thing to get was the ice cream cookie sandwich. You get to choose your freshly baked cookie and they’ll scoop any ice cream flavor you want to complete the sandwich. And for only $2. Yes!

Chocolate, chocolate chip y’all!

Also it was nice to walk around Berkeley and do the things I like. I went to Bear Basics/T-Shirt Orgy and just saw a lot of great shirts. As you can see by the top photo of this post, I was seeking the Bay Area-themed shirts. But I decided to hold off on buying.

One thing that was nice was that I stumbled upon the Famer’s Market. I love the Farmer’s Market in Berkeley. Too bad no acid dancing this afternoon, but I had to stop by and try a new flavor from Three Twins (the best free range ice cream ever). Strawberry je nais ses quoi.

Can this day get any better? Sure it can.

Off to the Coliseum for the 20-game win streak 10-year anniversary. I got there right when the line started to move for the bobblehead. But since I know of the entrance nobody knows about, I was able to get my bobblehead piece of cake.

Walking around brought back some good memories. But also it was nice to see the Statue, Mickey and the pig. Oh how I love the pig leaguer!

I love the Pig Leaguer!

But this wasn’t just the highlight. The celebration of the 20-game win streak brought me to tears. That team was the foundation for my love of the A’s and baseball. Sure I watched the game before 2002, but it didn’t mean that much to me until 2002. That team was something special. The players and coaches coming back, the small tribute to the late Cory Lidle with his wife and kid at the celebration, it was beautiful.

During that time, I also got to meet up with some peoples from Haven: Sergio, Dave and Phil. Good times just to talk and hang out and talk sports. Also met up with Pete for a beer at the Westside club.

Towards the end of the game, hung out with Eric, Brian and Amelia. They would later join me at La Penca Azul for some quality eating. I love this and I couldn’t even finish that wet burrito. It just dominated me.

But how awesome that I was able to hang out with my elementary, high school, college, church and work friends all in one day. Oh yay!

SUNDAY: Saw my cousin Stephen off as he prepares for his first year at SJSU. Oh boy!

After that, back to the Coliseum. Parked at Amtrak, lined up and got the “Streak” shirt as the SGA. Wanted that shirt for the longest time. I regret not buying it in 20o2 but glad I got it this time around.

I finally have the shirt!

It was a pretty dominant A’s win which was fine. Got a chance to walk around even more. I even found some old scribblings I wrote the last time I was there. Not graffiti, but just my initials and stuff.

Got down to near the bullpen area for the Indians where Del, Curt, Newt and Eric were sitting. Had a nice photo after the game. But I don’t know what can beat what happened before the game. As Chris was getting autographs from players, I tried to in stead hold a conversation with them.

Travis Blackley called me mate. Blevins remembers a Twitter talk I was involved in about Superman. Now that’s quality stuff right there. The memory on Jerr Bear is awesome.

Following the game, I returned to the Amtrak lot and saw Sammy. Sammy helps “watch” our cars in the lot. I usually give him a dollar for it. I told him that I had moved to LA and I won’t be around a lot.

Sammy then opens up to me about his LA experience. He didn’t like it, but his kids live there. They have pimped out cars that isn’t to his liking. The hydraulics is too much for him. But man, the fact that he told me about his family and wished me well in LA, that might have been the cake topper.

The evening was followed by T-Rex BBQ. That’s all I needed to end my evening.

Good BBQ

Packed at home, rested, and prepared to return on Monday.

MONDAY: Dad dropped me off at the airport and I spent my 2.5 hours before my flight eating at Chili’s and walking around. On the flight, I slept through the entire time I was in air.

I wanted to save money so I decided to take the longer, least convenient way of public transportation home. I got lost walking out the airport trying to find my bus stop. But I found it and rode on it for about 90 minutes. Then a transfer to another bus for about another 90 minute ride.

Then I got hungry so I ate at this really interesting place called Tommy’s Restaurant. Waitress is Chinese, Mexicans working in kitchen, serving American and Mexican food. I ordered the Milanesa. It’s not in my fridge for later lunch.

The walk from my bus stop to home was about 1.5 miles under the sun. Sweating like a pig but I got back, showered and I fell asleep somewhere.


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