It’s official: I am quitting Christmas

This is my concern every December…

Today I was shopping at Costco. Costco is one of the happiest places on earth for me. I was free sampling and buying things in bulk. But as I turned a corner on the aisle, I saw Christmas gift wrap, ribbons, decoration lights on sale. What the hell is going on?

It’s August and Christmas stuff is out? We haven’t even hit the other upcoming holidays yet in Halloween and Thanksgiving. And now our commercialism tells us to prepare for Christmas?

It was right then and there in Costco that I realized that I had to quit Christmas.

Actually, it’s been five years since I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up Christmas. I had worried for so long about people forgetting about Jesus that every time December rolls around, I see less Jesus and more consumption.

It really struck me when I was in college as I was trying to save money but Christmas rolled around. I had to then decide who I was buying gifts for. I worried about missing someone just in case they bought something for me. It was stressful and unnecessary. And every year since then, I have bought less gifts for others in December. I didn’t want to deal with it.

I was sick of Christmas becoming “an eye for an eye” to my wallet and my well being.

But today was the last straw. Christmas no longer was about Jesus anymore. In fact, I don’t associate Jesus with Christmas. I’ll have to name the celebration of Jesus’ birth something else because right now, Christmas has nothing to do with Christ.

I’ve always believe that Jesus’ birth needs more attention. After all, it is the beginning of our eternal salvation. But we don’t get that anymore.

So today, I am officially announcing my removal of association with this Christmas. No more spending, stressing and forcing myself to get all up in this thing about merchandises and consumerism. I’ve quit Christmas.

I’ll celebrate Jesus still, but I won’t do it the way the rest of society tells me. I won’t force myself to buy gifts and I sure won’t mask it with politically correct happy holidays nonsense. That’s not the reason why I’m excited on December 25. I’m excited because it’s a reminder of my salvation, not forced gift giving.

If anything is worth celebrating, it’s Festivus. A celebration of the non-Christmas!


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