Superman is the best superhero ever!

This book was so good!

Last night I stayed up finishing up this book I bought a month ago. It was a fantastic read into the origin of the superhero, his creator and how his evolution through comic books, radio, television and onto the big screen. After reading it, it has come to my conclusion once again Superman is the best superhero of all time.

Unlike most other superheroes, Superman is just so unique in that despite all his powers, he longs to be human. Unlike the other superheroes that find solace in trying to be different, Superman (an alien) wants to hard to fit into the world and have humanly things.

That’s what makes Superman so great because his biggest danger is not any enemy, but it’s actually himself. How can he balance his calling of being an alien to protect earth versus his struggling desire to be human, to have a normal life? The dilemma to try to do the right thing when the world tells us we don’t have to.

It’s also really unique that he shares so many similarities to Jesus. I could go into a whole bigger post about it, but I’ll just keep it bulleted with some key toppers.

  • Not of this world. Father sends him to earth to save earth.
  • Adopted by earthly Christian parents.
  • After growing up, he goes into a “fast” to his fortress of solitude to be with his father to prepare for the world.
  • Lives among people, does normal people things and tries to battle the temptations of the world.
  • Saves people.
  • In the comics, died saving the people from Doomsday (sin) only to rise again later.

There’s plenty more but the similarities is pretty cool.

But the ultimate thing that makes Superman so awesome is that there is a little bit of Superman in each and every one of us. We, like Superman, try to be good. We search and attempt to be that good guy. We understand that there can be good in everyone else. That’s why kids gravitate towards him. That’s why adults do that too.

He sees the good in us. Even though there are bad guys like Zod and Luthor, he continues to do everything he can not to kill them, but hope that by his actions, he can show them the light. It doesn’t work all the time, but that’s something that is admired.

This post seems all mumbled and out of place. I’d probably write better if I had more time to actually plan and write this out. But I just want to repeat that Superman is unique like no other and that’s what makes him the best.


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