Snagged me an awesome Oakland Oaks throwback for under $100

I got it!

When the A’s wore their Oakland Oaks throwbacks on my birthday, I realized that I had to get it. I unfortunately live in LA and the opportunity to buy the limited supply at the Coliseum didn’t happen for me.

But I found out that Ebbets Field Flannels makes them but for at a crazy $200 per jersey. I followed them on Twitter hoping that maybe one day they would have a sale. They did.

They said earlier in the week they would reveal a half-off sale on Facebook before sending out an email to the newsletter subscribers. Since I am on the Facebook, this was easy for me.

The problem was that they didn’t say when the sale would begin. They just told people to watch out. But I wasn’t going to hang onto the computer all day. I just had to hope I was online when the sale went live.

I spent last night reading my awesome new book “11/22/63” by Stephen King and I read it way into the night. Since I didn’t have to get into work at 3PM today, I could afford to stay up late.

But I awoke at 8AM this morning. I didn’t know why I woke up. Then as I was deciding whether or not I wanted to stay up or go back to sleep, the new housemate (which is like a 50-yard old dude) decided to play this song. And it wasn’t low. It was loud. I could hear it. Why do old people wake up so early and be so loud?

There was no way I was going to get back to sleep. I had tell the landlady to have him turn down the music. He looked confused. But seriously, you shouldn’t be playing loud opera music at 8AM.

As I pondered going back to sleep, I decided to just check to see if the sale was on. And it was! It actually began two hours before I woke up. There was only one jersey I knew I wanted. I logged on and the only sizes left were medium and X-Large. I normally wear a Large but their sizing suggested that XL might be right for me.

I didn’t hesitate and bought it. I also would have bought the New York Knights Roy Hobbs jersey (from “The Natural”) if I had woken up two hours prior. But I was happy to get a jersey half off. And it was perfect!

I am so glad I woke up the time I did. But it worked out perfectly. I woke up before the old dude played his music, so I am not giving him credit. After I bought the jersey, I went back to sleep for two hours, fully relaxed. And my wallet is $100 less but my collection is 100x more awesome.


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