A weekend in which I ate a lot, watched the A’s win and moved like Bernie

What’s this? Yes, that’s me and my friend Chris doing the Bernie when he came to visit me last weekend. It was an idea that came up last month and today we finally put it into action.

But how did this all come to be? Let me take you down my weekend adventure in which I also ate a lot of good food and went to Anaheim to represent the A’s.


Chris and his family came down to visit during the weekend and they got down at around dinner. This was a great opportunity for me to show him one of my favorite spots: The Venice Room.

This place is a bar, karaoke, steak place all in one. I frequent this joint and it has never disappointed me.

Such a great deal and the steak was great!

They’re famous for their steaks, which you cook yourself at their open grill. For $14 you get a steak (with your choice of seasoning), baked potato, french roll and unlimited salad. Pretty solid.

What was impressive about this time at the place was that everything happened at once there. Usually when I go I just watch the sports on TV. But today, service was great (greater than usual), we got karaoke of classic hits going on and somehow, the steak was as perfect as it could be.

Solid debut and I think might have been the best meal of the trip.


I had to work a 3AM-1PM shift since it was the beginning of football season. I didn’t sleep well that night (or get much to begin with) so I was laboring the entire time. It wasn’t until I got off that I started to feel real sluggish.

But there was a big day ahead and I was not going to let that slip away.

Chris met up with me at Culver City metro station and we proceeded to Shakey’s pizza parlor for a buffet. Too bad the quality of the buffet food doesn’t match the carefully baked pizza, but it was a good price for $7.49. We watched the 49ers game for the first half before I took a 15-minute nap in the booth.

Then with a partial 5-Hour Energy in my system, the main purpose of our trip would commence. We would go to Compton.

Straight outta the West Coast!

As huge West Coast hip hop fans, Compton is like a mecca of rap for us. Plus, we wondered if it was as dangerous as the songs said it was. It wasn’t dangerous, but it wasn’t glamorous either.

Having never been there before, the goal was to find a “Welcome to Compton” sign and take a picture with it. The above photo was not the one I was looking for. In fact, there wasn’t a big sign to begin with.

We drove around Compton following an address I found online. Instead, we stumbled upon Greenleaf Blvd. and found that sign. Greenleaf is very famous. We also came across S. Central and Brazil. That’s where The Game used to make his way into the rap game.

Compton isn’t as bad as the rap songs made it to be. But I don’t think I’m ever coming back again.

After that was a quick stop to Roscoe’s. Great service and good food as always. Then after, I took a nice nap to recover. Then out for a quick boba drink at Phoenix near Monterey Park. The day was done and I needed to recover.


The day started off with both Chris and me going to the local softball field and playing around. He finally got a new glove last month and it was a perfect time to toss the ball, shag some flies and other things. But the entire fun time was capped above by the video you see above.

I love the round guy out front!

Following that, we went to Downey for some Big Boy Burger. This was something Chris saw on TV and wanted to try. The exterior was amazing and the burger was delicious. But the best thing was the service. They were so generous with refills of our drinks, even Chris got two refills at once. Fantastic!

Following that was a trip to Anaheim as the A’s were set to take on the Angels. This would be my fourth time there and Chris (and his dad’s) first time. Great customer service by workers there and good amount of A’s fans showed up.

A’s won! And the funny part is as expected,  a very unenthusiastic Angels crowd was there.

This place is a nice stadium, but it could be better.


The final day of the weekend adventure saw both of us taking a trip to Dodger Stadium for their 50th anniversary tour. Once again, people there were super nice and even our tour guide said she would be cheering for the A’s. Sweet!

The stadium has a really gorgeous interior for a 50-year old park. We got into the press box, saw the club suites, hung out on the field and dugout. It was amazing seeing the inside with all their memorabilia, photos, trophies and everything. I never knew the stadium could be so beautiful inside and outside. Great experience!

Gorgeous stadium

And after that, it was a trip to Anaheim for game two. But before that, a quick stop at Taco Boy for their 85-cent tacos for lunch. Then out of boredom, a trip to the famous store from Brandi and Jarrod from Storage Wars. They weren’t there but it was cool seeing some of the items that I saw on TV.

With some time to kill before gates open, we went to the Outlets of Orange and I stopped by this sports store. There, I encountered this huge problem. Read about it here.

But whatever, nothing can take away from another solid A’s win (and emotional finish), capping off a fantastic weekend where everything was pretty much perfect.

All hail The Jerr-Bear for saving us!


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