If I don’t believe in Jesus, then I am for sure going to Hell

Scare tactics.

No! No! No!

I don’t remember where I heard this but I remember someone saying that there are way too many people saying that we are bound to Hell because we don’t believe in Jesus. But in reality, our destination to Hell has nothing to do with Jesus. Sin is the reason why we’re going to Hell. Jesus is the solution.

One of the things that I had encountered so many times when I went to SJSU was the people above. They would walk around with their megaphones proclaiming death and damnation. Their signs would tell us that “God Hates Fags” and “Turn to Jesus or go to Hell” or something like that. And I wasn’t sure if I should approach them and try to correct them or just ignore them.

Death, Hell is a scary thing. I find it scary. I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t find the idea of it scary. Using it to get people’s attention is smart marketing. But in terms of faith and salvation, that’s where it needs to stop.

I am sick of seeing people putting Jesus in the middle of it like this. Jesus isn’t the reason why we’re going to Hell. All our sinning and refusal to do right is the reason why there is a Hell. That’s the first reason why we’re going. Jesus is our solution.

Granted, if we never sin in our lives and don’t believe in Jesus, who know what’s next for us? But that point is moot because we are all sinners. No matter what we’ve done in the past or will do, we’ve sinned and we are bound to Hell.

That’s what I see these protesters do. They use that idea and scare us. I don’t like it, but it’s needed. Just need to say it better. These signs make me feel that Jesus is the bad guy. Makes it feel that Jesus is like the substitute teacher that actually tries to teach a class of students he’s never met. These signs make it feel like nobody would like Jesus. Jesus isn’t a correctional officer. But that’s how he’s portrayed.

If I wasn’t a believer, the message I’m getting is “Who the fuck is Jesus and why should I believe in Him?”

(And yes, I would use “fuck” because I am that confused with the message.)

That’s what these signs tell me. It’s not telling me the entire story.

It seems that I am rambling on and I’m sure people who are Christians will debate my take on this, but I stand firm with this.

It hurts me to see signs like this. It hurts me even more these people are proclaiming that Jesus is the reason why we’re going to Hell. It needs to be clarified that because we’re all sinners, we’re going to Hell. And through Jesus, we can be saved from it.

Everyone needs Jesus but the reason why we need Jesus is because we’re sinners. That’s the message that needs to be portrayed. No more scare tactics. People just need to be told that their lives are a mess and Jesus is the way to fix it. No more making Jesus the bad guy. Jesus is the good guy.

Don’t just tell me to believe in Jesus. Tell me why I should. Tell me that I am a sinner. Give it to me straight. That’s what I hope more of these crazy protesters start doing. But I also hope they lay off the scare tactics. That’s just not what a loving Jesus wants you to know Him.

It takes me back to my days of algebra where the teacher would get mad at everyone that would just write their answers without showing how they got to it. That’s the same way I feel. Jesus is the answer. Yes, I know that. Show me the work.

Show me the problem first (sin) then tell me how you got to the solution (acceptance and forgiveness) before giving me the answer (Jesus). If that message of Jesus was portrayed in that fashion, we’d have a better way of communicating what Hell really means for us and how we can avoid it.


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