My review of The Killers’ new album “Battle Born”

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As you may know, I am a huge fan of The Killers. I’ve seen them twice in concert and their music just gold to my ears. They are the only current band that I truly follow and appreciate.

Tuesday, they released their newest album “Battle Born” after a near few year hiatus. This was a long-working album and I expected it to be something revolutionary. Instead, it wasn’t revolutionary, but it is an album that changed the way I view the band.

If you know their previous work, I consider this album a little bit of their previous albums mixed into one. Then they threw in a hint of different influences into it.

First, let me get to the lyrics of this album. I think this may be their deepest album yet. The songs feature a lot about heartbreak and a hope of finding the light. It’s not a very depressing album per say, but a lot of the songs take you into the soul of some things we go through daily.

And with the lyrics, they were able to produce a sound that I think is really unique. As mentioned, they take a little bit of their previous work and also add some outside influences. You can sense a smooth R&B, classic acoustic and some synthesizing in the album. It’s not what you expect from the band, but they continue to evolve and this really gives them a powerful sound.

I wouldn’t say this is their best work (“Sam’s Town” is still number one) but after listening through this album several times, I can say that this might be their most impressive album yet.

This album isn’t made for the general mainstream. It fits more for fans who’ve followed this band since day one. This seems like a personal album, a connection to us. Maybe this might gain new fans, but for sure, this album is for the old fans that have stuck around.

I give this album 3.5/5 but still a recommendation because I love this band.


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