My movie review of “Resident Evil: Retribution”

I normally don’t give movie reviews because quite frankly, I am not good at them. When I watch a movie, I don’t really make a lot of mental notes. But with me being a huge fan of the Resident Evil video game and movie series, this was something I felt that I had to do.

But since I am not good with reviews, I’ll just blurb out the things that I liked and what I didn’t like.

I hesitated to watch this because the previous ones weren’t that good. The first one was great and the second one was OK. But the third and fourth were not all that so I didn’t know if I wanted to watch this one. But like any fan of anything, since I saw the first four, might as well continue watching it.

I expected this to be a little dull since the last one ended on such a very strange cliffhanger. And in fact, the movie begins where it left off. Luckily, the movie has a small recap of the previous four movies. That was a huge relief for me because I can’t remember what happened in all previous four movies that spanned to my high school days. So props for that recap (and a very well done one).

Second of all, this movie wasn’t so boring. The action was good, the plot was simple and it wasn’t hard to follow. You still had to remember a few things from the previous ones, but this was told real well.

The fact that Milla Jovovich still looks so pretty makes this movie fun. The zombies were much more powerful and the evil was really evil. A huge surprise for me was that Li Bingbing was in it. I am not too huge on her but somehow, she looked real good in the movie. But the fact that she was in high heels the entire time during fight scenes scratched my head.

This wasn’t really a movie but more like a chapter in a book. There wasn’t a huge character development with dilemma. It was more of a continuation one long story. It’s a story that I was content with at the end of the first one, but of course, Hollywood wants money so they gave me the following sequels.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone unless they’ve seen the previous ones. The supposed “3D” portions were nice but not needed. But the graphics I have to say were pretty good for a movie based off a video game. I still felt that video game feel to it and maybe that’s why I continue to be drawn to this movie.

With that said, I’ll give it 3.5 stars out of five and say that I was pretty happy with this movie. But as I had mentioned, this movie was really just a chapter to the book. That means the story isn’t finished and we have another one (hopefully the last one) coming up real soon.


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