Still so stoked about the Oakland A’s making the playoffs

Do the Bernie Lean!

Oakland A’s baseball back in the playoffs! I can’t get over how excited I am to see this team make it. Growing up as a baseball fan, this team has always been that underdog team but this year has been the biggest underdog story.

The team was predicted to lose 100 games this year. The staff was re-worked after trading our All-Star pitchers. Our bullpen was a question mark. Who were these guys playing? It was a whole lot of just hopeful thinking that maybe the A’s can win 70 games.

This team means a lot to me. I’ve been passionate about this team for a long time but since moving down to SoCal for work, this team is what keeps me rooted back in the Bay. The silliness of something simple like the Bernie Lean makes me love this team even more.

The fact that this team is so young, with so many surprises makes this a team of destiny. And you know what? It should be that way. This is the best story in baseball and it’s better than what Moneyball has become. This is a team of players that believe in themselves and have brought back a boom to the East Bay.

No need for me to go into details about all the individual great stories and everything. Because every player has one of those and that’s what makes this team so awesome. I don’t know if it’s The Little Engine That Could or anything like that, but it’s more like HELL YEAH WE CAN!



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