Optimism for the A’s going into Game 3 of the ALDS

So the A’s are down 2-0. But I am not too depressed. In fact, I am full of optimism. Maybe it’s me being naive. Or maybe I really want to believe something that’s unknown.

But I won’t complain about this playoff format or whatever. Instead, I am going to fill this post full of optimism as I make my way back to Oakland for Game 3.

Here are some things that I think that will hopefully ease your worries about the A’s.

  • They’re a good baseball team. They’re in the playoffs for a reason. Nothing they’re doing now in the playoffs is different from the regular season. So with that in mind, don’t complain about the two road games. A’s have played on the road before. They’ve won before. So this isn’t something so crazy out of the ordinary for them.
  • Be lucky that both these games could have been wins for the A’s. The fact they were close and not blowouts shows us that they can hang in the playoffs.
  • Sure, there were a few mistakes here and there. But I like to believe that the A’s can overcome those and win.
  • One game at a time. That mentality got them to the above video. They were backed up against the wall with three games at home and must-win for all of them. Same situation against Texas. Same situation now. They can repeat.
  • The home crowd is a whole different atmosphere and trust me, the home crowd will make a difference.
  • Winning in the ALDS after losing the first two games is not unknown to the A’s. They were victims of that in 2001 and 2003. They know it can be done.
  • Have you seen this team? The A’s are not your ordinary team. They can do this. They’re good enough to do it.

So I’m sticking with this optimism going into Tuesday. I am not going in with gloom. I believe in this team and until it’s over, I’ll continue to believe it. And if you don’t believe it, then you don’t understand baseball.


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