What an incredible experience it was last night at the A’s playoff game


What an electric atmosphere it was last night. This was my first ever playoff game at the Coliseum and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Oh man, I cannot put into words how great it was to see the place rocking, the A’s winning and another day of playoff baseball tonight.

I don’t know what to blog about in this post so I’ll just recap my awesome night.

The day started off with me back at home after a flight from LA the previous night. I was lucky enough that my work schedule allowed me to come back home to see family and friends and catch these games. I left my house at around 2PM to go to El Pollo Loco to pick up their burrito platter for some tailgating. Luckily the El Pollo Loco was only 15 minutes from the Coliseum. I parked at the BART station and walked over to my friend Pete’s crew in the parking lot.

There was some burgers, nachos and the burritos. But the highlight of our tailgating was to drink enough beer with some other peeps to make this. Pretty sweet too. We hung out for a couple hours before we started to head in. I had to wait for another group of friends to arrive. By then I had walked halfway into the National Anthem (performed by former co-worker Matt King). But we got into my seat just in time for the players to make their way onto the field.

I must say, this place was stupid electric. A quick 1-2-3 inning by Brett Anderson to start the game and then three straight hits in the bottom to start the game off 1-0. Then that Coco Crisp catch. I saw it right up close and I was just floored at that moment shifter. I knew after that, the A’s were not going to lose that game.

The following innings were pretty intense and I had to go pee real bad. But the line for all the men’s room were way too long… longer than the women’s line. I walked around and I decided to meet up with two buddies from my old church group from San Jose. Both Phil and Antoine were just so good to see and hang out with for one inning. Tremendous seats right behind home plate in the second deck. Was there right in time for Seth Smith’s homer. More electricity!

I then proceeded to buy a souvenir postseason cup and I wasn’t even that thirsty. I just wanted the cup.

I made my way back to my seat (Section 239) just in time for the seventh inning when Ryan Cook came in and he did his business. Then then entering the 8th inning, I heard bell tolls. I saw Doolittle in the pen. And then the bell tolls made sense. It was Metallica’s classic “For Whom the Bell Tolls“. I couldn’t bang my head any harder. That was just revving me up like no other! And Doolittle struck out the side. And after every strike out, three gongs of the bell. WOW!

Following “Call Me Maybe”, the Tigers had a pitching change in the bottom of the 8th inning. During that period, they played “Enter Sandman”. Now that’s intimidating!

Then when it was time for the Balfour Rage in the 9th inning, the lights went out and we raged to Metallica’s “One” and the place was bonkers. There were rally towels (which I didn’t like) but it added a pretty cool looking stadium. Earlier in the game people were trying to do the wave. I yelled at them to stop and they eventually did. Idiots.

After the final out, as you can see from the above video, the guy next to me bearhugged me. I was OK with it. The A’s won and we were all family. Oh man what a day! The place was special. It was home. It was right.

Now off to Game 4 for another huge moment for this great team.


Can’t beat it. I believe in this team. They can do this!


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