Bling Bling

Professional football player Benjamin Watson talks about how our desires for material things isn’t exactly what we really need for true validation.

And on a side note, “Bling Bling” is a really good song and part of my upbringing. It’s a song I know most of the lyrics too but I don’t truly believe I need it to be worth anything. God already sees value in me.

Truth In The Game

The year was 1999.  Cash Money Records artist BG had just released the hit song Bling Bling which made the already coined term iconic.  I was a freshman at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  I can remember riding in the car, sitting in my dorm room, or getting ready for practice with my teammates bobbing my head to the lyrics, “bling bling, every time I come around your city bling bling, pinky ring worth about fifty (thousand dollars), bling bling, every time I buy a new ride, bling bling, Lorinsers on Yokahama tires.”

As a college freshman I definitely didn’t have a dollar to my name, (much less any bling) but that song made me feel like I had a million bucks!  The idea of bling brought swag, pride, and a certain level of respect.  I didn’t have any, so the plan was for me and my roommate to…

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