Christians shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween because it glorifies the devil

The masks, the sugar-filled candy, the invasion of houses with all the decorations. It’s all evil and Christians should not take part of this evilness we call Halloween.

Even though kids think it’s fun, fun isn’t allowed for Christians. We are supposed to stay at home with our families and talk about how we need to pray for everyone who is having fun. Then also, we need to think about certain friends that don’t agree with what we do and shun them.

People who drink coffee, listen to rap music or wear clothing not purchased from C28 must be prayed for immediately. Also since they don’t own the latest David Crowder album, we are worried about their souls.

With Christmas around, these masks and costumes are a sign of us worshipping the devil. It is not godly to partake in something the outside world calls fun. It is a fearful thing. And the giving away of candy — that’s like giving away sins for free. Candy leads to hyper activity which means we can’t control the minds of our kids. Without control, we lose our kids. They cannot be allowed to think and act any way but one way. Sugar is evil and it leads to craziness.

I praise all my other Christian friends for not participating in the trick or treating, Halloween parties or anything today. They are staying strong and giving Christianity the right image. Enjoying something like this with non-Christians is exactly what we are supposed to do.

Remember everyone. A strong Christian doesn’t participate in the devil’s celebrations. The best thing to do is to stay home, judge the outsiders and pray that they are more like us.

That is what Christianity is all about.


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