That video made me realize that Christians are becoming too much like Ned Flanders

People need to stop being Ned Flanders.

This is a topic I’ve touched on before, but it resurfaced the other week and I felt that I need to say something about.

It all started when on my Facebook feed this video started to make its rounds and people were sharing it. I don’t know if they found it funny, pathetically sad or maybe a little bit of both, but as I watched it, it horrified me.

If you know me, I like to try to keep things simple and real. One issue I dealt with in college was the way certain Christians acted amongst each other. Now I am not saying they were all bad. And the intentions were good, but there was so much separation from the real world that it all seemed fake. It surely would not be something Jesus would be doing.

In fact, it turned me away from a lot of things that they were a part of because it was more of a show of looking like a good Christian instead of being a real Christian for the rest of the world.

Here’s what I mean.

Are you familiar with Ned Flanders from The Simpsons? He is the super Jesus-loving character that suppresses his anger, emotion by babbling nonsensical phrases. It wasn’t until he finally couldn’t be fake anymore when he finally becomes human — someone that I can relate to.

Now I am not saying that being angry like that is good. But can censoring yourself and acting like a Christian douchebag be any better? I believe being emotional like Ned is and being human is way more healthy than trying to be a stuck up Christian.

Now back to the original video, I have no problem with the heart in what these actual actions are. Praying for someone, or letting God in control of things is totally fine and very biblical.

But then comes the issue when God becomes the focus of everything 24/7. And I mean that in a bad way. Yes, God should be our source and focus of everything, but we can’t rely on that all the time.

God doesn’t ask us to trust Him but not act upon it. Our relationship with God involves us to do our part too. Not only do we pray for someone, but we also need to show action to make the prayer worth something. Instead of just praying for a homeless guy, why don’t we actually help that homeless guy with food or money? Can we trust God enough to help us help others?

Instead of us sitting on our ass (yes, Christians can say that), how about we not only pray but do action? It isn’t just God doing all the work, as this video tells me.

The image of us being a good, holier than thou person is what I’ve seen way too often in the Christian world. There is so much censoring (stop saying “What the freak“) and so much empty words that it turns me away from what we should really be doing as Christians. Instead of trying so hard to be this Christian image nobody likes, how about we be human instead?

Let’s not try to bubble ourselves into this little Christian hole that makes us so disconnected with this world. Jesus told us to be with the world so we can connect with those who don’t know Him. Being a Christian douche like those in that video doesn’t do it.

Now I am not saying I am perfect because I am not. I have my moments where I rely too much on God and not on myself to put things into action. I sometimes censor myself in front of other Christians because of the fear of being judged by them or whatever. It’s hard to avoid.

But if this video has taught me anything, is that I do not ever want to be associated with those characters in the video. I love Jesus and want to praise God, but I can’t do it in a boring, censored fashion like those people. It just doesn’t look fun. That’s not how Jesus wants us to roll.

If me, a Christian, is turned off by that, imagine what non-Christians think too. Let’s not forget that Jesus hung out with all sorts of different non-Christians and still was able to show others the way. He made that effort to connect with others and still preach about the Kingdom.

So let’s not be so much like Ned Flanders because if we do, it might just boil up and explode. Remember, we’re human, so let’s act like we are and love Jesus at the same time.


** Maybe I’ll watch the video again and realize that not all of it was bad (and it wasn’t). But then again, maybe I’ll never watch the video again because I’ve seen too much of it and the last thing I want to do is be around it again.

Whatever I do, I am going to do my best to stay real. Jesus was real and I am going to do my best to follow what He did. I don’t want to turn into a douche with all talk and no action.


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