#WWJVF? Who would Jesus vote for?

Do these ladies know?

Well, today is the day. If you haven’t sent in your absentee ballots, you’re likely going to your polling stations and casting your vote for our next president and all the propositions that matter.

During a time like this, I wonder how Christians are viewing certain issues. And to a certain extent, thinking “Who would Jesus vote for?”

Especially with some propositions like Prop 35 (sex trafficking), it’s pretty obvious that Jesus would vote YES to prevent it. But what about the president? Who would Jesus vote for?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Jesus wouldn’t vote. The way America is operating right now, there is just too much rules and regulations that prevent the growth of this country.

Then this tweet made me realize he can’t vote.

Even if he was American, I don’t think Jesus would be a registered voter because He’d be too busy going dumb and preaching the real message.

The only leader Jesus follows is the Father. Plus Jesus was a rules breaker, so why would He try to vote to place in rules that He would break later?

So who would Jesus vote for? Probably nobody since He’s likely not to vote.

But I am not Jesus so I have done my voting. I won’t tell you who I voted for but for all those people thinking along the lines of #WWJVF, please don’t. It’s not the right mentality. Vote for what you think will help this country grow, but don’t rely so much on it. The changes you want start within yourselves, loving others.

I don’t have any advice for voters except to see what you care about and vote accordingly. But just voting doesn’t solve anything. Putting action into the vote is more important. It’s what we do as a country after the vote is what matters. Jesus was all about action and we should do the same.


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