Ten Years Ago: 8 Mile

Yes. This.

10 Years Ago: Films in Retrospective

Funkmaster General Sarah R. Rodlund reveals her intense pride in Michigan, the United States, and B. Rabbit in her re-view of  8 Mile.


I spent the summer before the movie 8 Mile was released partially in Prague and partially backpacking through Europe with a friend. In was the year following the September 11th attacks. Every package was suspicious; every piece of mail was full of anthrax; news tickers had started to appear at the bottom of our television screens. George Bush was president, and the United States had entered into what was bound to be a long, hard war with Afghanistan and was also on its way to Iraq.

That summer, there were few Americans about, at least where and how we traveled, by train and bus, through a rain-soaked Europe, cash poor, with just what we could carry on our backs. We had put some thought into…

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