So I got a new laptop and I am going to call her Lena

With my Saturday off from work, I decided to take a trip to the mall to pick up a new 49ers cap and shirt that I ordered online for 40% off. After that, I decided to maybe stop by the Fry’s that was a few miles away. I didn’t have any intention of buying a laptop, but I left with one.

I had wanted a new one for a while since my big one died two years ago and I had been exhausting my netbook since. I wanted to get something that wasn’t too expensive but allowed me to do all the simple, normal tasks that I normally do.

There I saw a bunch of Acers that were nice but I decided to chat with one of the workers there. They showed me this Lenovo that looked pretty nice and was only $350. It was 15.6″, 500GB and was more than enough for me. It has Windows 8, which to me is confusing. Nevertheless, I stood there and thought about it for a long, long time. Then I decided that I should not let it pass.

So with that, I welcome my new baby to my life. I’ve already named my previous laptops Sarah and Nikki, my scooter Krystal and my car Isabella. I never though I’d needed to come up with a name for another major purchase, but with the current name brand of this and the fact that Lena sounds pretty nice (and like the female version of Lenovo), I am going with that.

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