Thinking of Thanksgiving, we got it good

LOL turkey

This will be the first ever Thanksgiving for me where I won’t be with family. I have work today. But I think the fact that I am not with my family today is a good reminder of the things I am thankful for. I am not at home because of my job. This job is something that I should not have. So very few people in my line of work would be in this position.

But thank God that I got my 49ers gig out of college and three years of working my ass off got me here. Now I am doing something I am really good at and I am enjoying it.

It’s a tough thing too moving to LA not knowing anyone, but I have found a decent place to live and the surrounding is pretty nice. More importantly, a good church community. Things aren’t easy now, but I can’t complain. I got it good.

One thing that really takes me back down to earth is the fact that I hate the holidays. This time there is so much commercialism that I despise this time of year. But there are good things that come with it.

The church is doing an outreach to the less fortunate families in the community and if you know me, this kind of stuff really tugs at my heart. The past couple days I have been volunteering with Family Promise just to help out these families during dinner time. It’s not a really crazy thing but we provide food and shelter at the church.

I got a chance to hang out with this one family the past couple nights and we really connected. I didn’t force my God talk or anything, we just talked about anything and everything. From sports to budgeting to foods, we just had fun. The little baby boy is named Sammy. He’s a round 11-month old guy but he’s so fun. He laughs every time he looks at me.

But I think this reminds me of all the good things I have and all the good things I can share. This family didn’t need me to feel pity. They just wanted to be treated like people. And so many times we don’t do that. I really enjoyed hanging out with this family. There were laughs talking about culture and experiences in our lives. It was just a fun get together over great food. I really had fun and I don’t know if this means that if I have time, I should do more outreach.

It’s always been something I care a lot about since I went to college and I always feel that the less fortunate are sometimes the best people to be with. Jesus knew it and hung with them a lot. Maybe that’s my calling. Maybe that’s where I’m supposed to go. I don’t know but I am thankful for everything now and my chance to meet these people.

We got it good and these people to me have it better. They are enjoying life too.


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