Let’s go have an adventure in Palm Springs

Into the mouth of a T-Rex like Pee Wee Herman!

With a day off from work, I went to go see my friend Ryan who lives two hours away in Palm Springs. It’s a mini Hollywood with a huge old people and gay community. It’s nice but not a place I would like to live in. But there were some pretty cool things that we did.

I got there at noon and we ate at Tyler’s Burgers. SOLID burger with lots of meat. Very delicious and I am glad that we ate there.

Following, we took some pictures with status like Sonny Bono, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe.


And what made this so exciting was that it was just a small little place in the middle of nowhere that had a lot of little shops going around. I liked it.

They have a tram (with rotating floor) that takes you all the way to the top of the mountains. It’s at over 8,500+ feet in elevation and we went there too. The entire experience was really neat to see all the mountains, rocks and trees on the way up. When we got up, the scenery was amazing!


What was really cool was that they had a bar and restaurant up top for us to chill. Really solid chilling place and people can hike too. I wouldn’t mind doing that again just to get away from things. But it was really cold and I didn’t wear a jacket. Oh well.

Following, we went to Cabazon, which was 20 miles west and it was a dinosaur museum or whatever you call it. Life-size sculptures that were terribly painted and the maintenance was really bad. It had no security and it looked like a dump. Yet I was so excited to point out the flaws, how they tried to push evolution and all that.


They had so many structures that didn’t fit into prehistoric time and I am pretty sure nobody cares. But man, did my childhood of dinosaur loving return!

Following all that, I went to the Ontario Mills Mall and went to a Hat Club and bought the powder Royals cap and the second alternate A’s black cap for $30 total. Good steal!


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