Rapper The Game bares his soul in his latest album “Jesus Piece”

Original artwork for The Game’s newest album

I am a huge fan of The Game and I have every single album he’s dropped since “The Documentary”. His newest album might be the most deepest album he’s dropped to date.

It’s hard to compare his work to his previous albums because each album is a true chapter in his life. This latest album dives into the soul of a man who’s finding his way out towards the good life.

With a controversial album cover, Game touches on a lot of topics in his album but the recurring theme is his faith and his upbringing. I am still listening to this album right now, trying to get the feel and vibe of it. But my initial impressions are that this is what Game has been holding inside him from some time.

Take it from a man that grew up in the streets of Compton and almost had his life go in the wrong direction until he got a chance to work with Dr. Dre. The ongoing drama between 50 Cent and Afterscope led to a rocky music career after his debut. But Game continued to work hard at his craft and through all the turmoil, we get a chance to see into his soul in this album.

Game draws from his upbringing on church, the message he portrays with a Jesus piece and just the struggle of the life he has lived.

But his life is good now. After once struggling with physical and mental struggles, he has a great lady in his life and he is in control of his music. The album dives into the struggles and the battles he has endured in his life to this point.

Maybe I am not interpreting the album right and maybe it will take a few more spins to understand it. But knowing The Game since he stepped onto the scene, he has a desire to continue to get better and not let anything hold him back. This album rips into the darkness he’s been through and shows us that he’s found light.

The beats on this album are fresh and the lyrics are strong. It’s still going to take me a while to get into this album but knowing The Game, I know he poured his soul into this one. He’s shown us a glimpse of it.

Give the album a listen if you will. It may not be the best work he’s put out, but it’s the deepest he’s ever been in any of his previous works.


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