Ten Years Ago: Infernal Affairs

Written by my friend. Good stuff.

10 Years Ago: Films in Retrospective

Many people only know this movie via its American remake, Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, but Maccewill Yip is here to remind you of the original series in his newest re-view for 10YA.


As I begin writing this, the Golden Horse Ceremony, the Chinese version of the Academy Awards, is now playing on television. It’s a kind of weird coincidence because the first time I’ve seen anything about the film Infernal Affairs was from seeing the very same award show years ago and seeing them play a clip several times to announce its nomination in a category and seeing it win in about half of them. The clip they chose was a gunfight between the cops and the triads over a melancholy tune. I became curious about this action film that was winning several awards, and so I went to Chinatown and found a VCD copy, a disc format for…

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