Because I am a Reebok fan and their stuff is always on sale

New kicks.

Ever since I was a kid, I had wondered about my endorsement deals if I were an athlete. I liked Nike but I felt that Reebok would be the shoe company I would go with. Ever since then, I have been a fan of Reebok.

When they came out with the Zig Tech shoes a while back, I felt that the technology was cool but could never afford it. It was a couple years later when the Zig Tech phase slowed down that the online site starting having sales. I had already bought one pair last spring at a great deal and the other week, I did it again.

Those first pairs had a rip in them which made me hesitant to get another pair, but the comfort of these shoes was too much to pass. With a 30% discount code made it less than $38 with free shipping. I hope these hold up because it feels real comfortable and I want to encourage myself into running more.

Now I have more shoes and I will have to retire a pair or two. We’ll see how that goes down the line.


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