Is Jesus Christ fun anymore?

GrateSomething popped into my head when I saw the image on the right. My first reaction was laughter because it was funny. It’s the kind of laughter that comes with a confidence in Jesus Christ.

I’ve been through a lot in my life and my journey with Jesus has not always been the best, but it’s a good one. And one of the reasons why it’s been good because I enjoy it. I find it fun. Loving Jesus is fun. It isn’t a chore as a lot of people make it to be and it’s not some kind of ongoing chess match to find the right strategy of living life. No. It’s fun because Jesus is fun.

But the problem that seems to occur too much is that Jesus isn’t fun. It’s all too serious. There’s no open jokes with life around Christian friends. There’s too much censorship about what can and can’t be discussed. There’s no time for us to have fun because we are Christian.

But that’s not how I see it. It’s because that we’re Christian that we can have fun. We’re free to enjoy Jesus. Jesus isn’t some kind of burden we have to carry, it’s a joy for us to be around always.

So back to the cheese grater. Why is this so funny? I know people who would be offended by it. Should they be offended? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong.

But maybe I just see things differently. I’m the kind of guy that would buy one these because it makes me laugh. I’m comfortable owning it because I am comfortable around Jesus. I find Jesus awesome. He’s fun. That’s why I enjoy it.

Has Jesus gotten so serious in our lives that He isn’t fun anymore? Remember that Jesus and church are like the bride and groom. Are you 100% serious with your spouse all the time? No. You are serious sometimes and you have fun sometimes.

I know when it’s time to be serious with Jesus but I also know that if I am not having fun, then I am not loving Jesus.

Let’s have fun with Jesus. Even though these Jesus merchandises are silly, if we can’t enjoy the little things that make Jesus fun, then we’ve really lost track of what Jesus really means to us.

I’m OK with my Jesus being a little cheesy.


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