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Death to church politics and all that nonsensical nonsense


Church is boring. It’s a stupid place of rules, traditions and systematic work to continue this path of uncertainty with a glimmer of potential hope if I follow the rules. That is church.

Well, that’s not really church. But that is what church was for me for pretty much most of my life. I went to a traditional Episcopal church. It’s very strict with hymns, kneeling, standing, sitting, lather, rinse and repeat. Everyone there had to dress up nice and they had cloaks and whatnot every the acolytes, priest, choir. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it wasn’t good for me.

It ran like some political office. People would be voted into certain roles in the church. They budgeted. They held meetings. It was very strict. It was a business.

There were times where I learned about Jesus, sure. But did it grow? Did it mean anything to me? No. The goal was to keep the train moving in the church. And for me as a kid, it was boring. There was no attempt to keep me there. I didn’t like it. They had nothing to attract the youth. It was a place to tell aging people about the afterlife, or at least to keep their raft afloat until death.


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