Break free: A weekend of God-lifting movement

Great time at the concert.

This weekend was good. It was great. It was God-centered.

Saturday was I lucky enough to get a shift switch so I can attend the stretcher bearer seminar at church. The entire idea is that we as Christians can’t try to take on everything, but we can always do the little things, carry and encourage one another. We are there as supporters and through that, we can build and praise God.

It’s a time for us to change our lives and look big picture by doing the little things that we can do. God does God’s part, we do our part. And through that, we can truly lift each other up.

The time spent in this seminar was really encouraging. It really speaks to me because this is the kind of stuff I have a real heart for. I am a people person and as Jesus did, He was a people person too. The relationships, the understanding and building each other up is what we need more in this world. And this was all I needed to get me back on track.

Great stuff.

Sunday after church, in which the same pastor Mike Slater from Saturday spoke, it was off to the Rock Worship Roadshow in Ontario. I don’t listen to Christian music. I just don’t enjoy it that much. But the opportunity to go was something I wanted to do. It was pretty cool first come first serve and luckily enough we got in.

They had bands like Jeremy Camp, MercyMe and all, and some other bands were cool like crunk rocker Family Force 5. They stole the show for me.

It was nice to really be in an environment I am never around. I got to listen to new kinds of music and really just take some time for God. It was good. It was fun. It was what I needed. God’s great!


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