A quick recap of my Spring Training trip

It was a great trip.

I am so exhausted and I don’t think I can properly recap my trip. If you want details on it, you can check my photos here and my recaps here.

But here are some thoughts as a first-timer.

  • The Phoenix area has great food. I ate real well and I was able to get a taste of the culture of the area. Fantastic eats everywhere
  • Phoenix Municipal isn’t a really pretty park. Bleacher benches and not much ambiance makes it an OK park. But hey, the A’s are used to that, right?
  • Camelback Ranch is way nicer and fits more of the Dodgers/White Sox kind of atmosphere.
  • Watching games with players that I am not familiar with is tough, but it’s part of the Spring Training way.
  • Great baseball atmosphere. Great people too. It’s like a little baseball fun community. And. there are lots of pretty people here.
  • Everything is so close and I love it. I think I might do this again next year.

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