Who is Craig Calcaterra and why is he hating on the A’s like this?

Even though I am an A’s fan, I don’t even think it matters in this case. I don’t know who Craig Calcaterra is but he works for NBC, so in that sense, he’s a professional in his craft.

Yet this tweet really bothered me because it has to be the most ignorant things I have ever read. Apparently in baseball, only World Series must be celebrated and that’s it. No other major accomplishments warrant any kind of celebration, let alone a shirt that fans can buy to commemorate it.

I own this shirt. I love wearing it. The 2002 season solidified my passion for the game of baseball. The streak has meaning to me.

His response to a fan really surprises me because he really devalues the A’s 20-game win streak. I don’t know how breaking a 103-year old American League record isn’t worth celebrating. That logic means that he must not celebrate Hank Aaron’s home run record, Cal Ripken’s ironman streak or possibly a T-Shirt of Rickey Henderson must be evil because the stolen base record is not worth celebrating.

I’m pretty sure he cringed when Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown but didn’t get a ring last season.

I wish I didn’t have to be harsh, but for a writer that’s supposed to be a professional, he really doesn’t seem to respect team accomplishments and celebrations unless it’s only a World Series win.

The game of baseball isn’t just about World Series wins. If that’s the case, then erase all accomplishments in the history books and destroy everything in the Hall of Fame that isn’t correlated to the World Series.

Quite simply, if a player or a team accomplishes an historical feat, it’s worth a celebration. The journey is what makes the game of baseball beautiful. Sure that 20-game win streak didn’t lead to a World Series, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to baseball history.


EDIT: Craig has responded and now we’re on good terms. Now time for me to overreact to something else.


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