Billy Beane is Jesus Christ — or at least in this sense, the 2002 Oakland A’s are Jesus’ team

So I was reading my morning devotional and this was today’s little bit. Check the above tweet and read it.

The devotional uses an example from the 2002 Oakland A’s team (which was made into a movie) and it struck me. Well, first of all, this is my favorite baseball team and this 2002 team helped make me the A’s fan that I am today.

But I never realized that there was some kind of connection to what Jesus did and what A’s manager Billy Beane did for the team. Of course I was able to see that Beane took undervalued players and gave them the opportunity to succeed. Come to think of it, I should have seen the connection. That’s what Jesus does. He takes not the glorious, but instead the ragged castoffs and uses them for great things.

What a great team. Jesus would be proud.

I am not saying that the A’s are Jesus’ team or anything like that, but the way they were assembled were somewhat similar to how Jesus assembled his crew. The A’s of course were already loaded with talent and the castoffs were great role players in the team success. But the underlying message here is that Jesus finds value in everybody, even though nobody else seems to think so.


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