Good Friday: Jesus, you done changed the game

The greatest game changer of our time.

One of my favorite South Park episodes features Butters as the boss of this kissing company in school. He tells girls to collect money in exchange for kisses at school. He essentially becomes a pimp and gets caught up with the actual pimps of the town.

At the end of the episode, Butters ends up being a successful pimp through new methods of caring and support. Through that, this clip happens. (NSFW… but you already knew that since it’s South Park.)

** And on a side note, South Park is a great television show. Despite all the crude humor, a lot of their messages are really deep and thought-provoking and it seems like 95% of the time, they say things that I agree with. Good show.

The term “You done changed the game” is a common term that I hear a lot and it mainly is associated with the ways of pimping, gang violence and all that. I am not an advocate for it in any way, but the term speaks in a way that I can relate to what Jesus did. (Even the craziness of South Park teaches a message in a strange way.)

When someone changes the game, they are revered as an important figure in the operation of things. They do something that’s different, so radical, yet it forces everything around them to change with it. You ever heard of a game changer in sports? That’s similar too. It’s that one player that’s presence is so big, that everything else around changes with it. And there is always victory because the change is that good.

You see, Jesus changed the game. He was the ultimate game changer. Back then the only way to God was through sacrifices, numerous rituals and all that message delivery through high priests to talk to God. Reaching God was like a game, with strategies and rules and everything. Then Jesus came and decided to change the way the way things were.

Instead of having to go through all that trouble to get to God, Jesus came and proclaimed that God is for everyone. There was no need to connect to God through the high priests. Everyone has access to God. Jesus taught this through His parables, miracles and so many different ways. He showed that God was attainable. The old way didn’t matter anymore. Jesus done changed the game.

And when it was time to officially make the change reality, Jesus died on the cross. He defeated death and rose again to fulfill it. That action changed everything. God was now accessible for everyone. Churches can be planted anywhere. Anyone can be a leader. Everyone was saved.

Jesus done changed the game. In fact, He defeated the game. Game over.

It’s not that odd that a South Park episode about pimping would inspire this post, but it reminded me that game changers are celebrated because they shake the world. They change our way of living and make everything better. In the game of faith, Jesus truly shook it, turned it upside down and made it better.

Today we celebrate Good Friday. Jesus fulfilled his mission and the game forever changed. Our relationship with God was changed. We were saved. Jesus won.


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