Happy Easter! It is accomplished! The resurrected Jesus saves us all!

I know I keep using this footage every Easter, but there is not a message that resonates with the resurrection for me more than this. We celebrate Easter but at times don’t realize why the resurrected Jesus matters. It’s with the resurrection that mission was accomplished, and that we all are saved.

Jesus came down to bring us salvation. He fought off Satan’s temptation, remembered His purpose here and saved us. This is why we celebrate. What Jesus was sent down to do, it was accomplished. When He rose, it was fulfilled. It is perfect.

Jesus saved us. We are free!

It’s a relief that our lives are changed forever, that Jesus’ sacrifice allows everyone to salvation. No more do I have to worry about never being able to meet God. God made sure that by sending Jesus, we can reach Him and live forever.

It is accomplished. God’s promise to save us all. Celebrate it!

(Here are the links to the two previous entries I wrote for the past Easter Sundays.)


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