The great Facebook social experiment or something to that extent

LOL people. Life’s a game and I see it every day.

This popped into my head today and it was something that I had thought about for some time. What if I completely changed myself on Facebook? What if I did something on it that totally threw off the people who think they know me?

This isn’t to make light of people or to hurt anyone, but I have always wondered how wired we are to Facebook that what we take there is too serious.

For example, on Monday was April Fools Day. I didn’t take serious to anything on Facebook because of the potential jokes. Yet I saw pregnancy announcements and a handful of idiots believing that Google Nose (I thought it said Google Noose) was real. Then I wondered, how dumb are people if it was just a regular day but still a big announcement?

The social experiment has always been something I have wondered about and wanted to see how people would react. Would they figure me out or are they too oblivious to what’s there that everyone follows? After all, remember KONY? Yeah, that was a simple case of follow the leader without thinking.

So, what if I did something like change my relationship to “interested in men” or something like that? Or what if I changed my religious affiliation to Muslim? How about I make an announcement of a new job for a company that does not exist? How do people react to that?

The problem with this is that people take Facebook too seriously. I can’t play jokes without someone getting butt hurt. I like jokes but at what expense? Gay people will get offended. Muslims will get offended. Unemployed people will get offended. It’s all bad. But I am curious.

Unfortunately there’s too much on the line that I can’t try this. There is too much at risk for this. A shame. I would like to see how many people would react to me (negatively or positively) if I “came out of the closet” or if I “switched religions” or something. Who are my real friends? Who can tell reality for fiction? How smart is the human race?

Maybe one day. Maybe not. Who knows if I do this? The human mind fascinates me.



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4 responses to “The great Facebook social experiment or something to that extent

  1. Alex Jones

    In the end does the opinions of a crowd of followers, most you will never meet, matter?

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